3 Signs That You Need Brake Service

3 Signs That You Need Brake ServiceIt’s perhaps not unreasonable to expect some degradation over time as the miles build and wear and tear takes its toll on your car, truck, or SUV. However, there are some key signs that should not be ignored.

Your vehicle has core components that are excepted to break down prior to the end of the car’s life, so it’s vital that you keep an eye on symptoms that one of these elements is ready for repair. Given how everything under the hood is interconnected, ignoring much-needed replacements can cost you far more in the long-run than addressing a single issue early on.

Let’s consider one of these components: your brakes.

Call Your Mechanic for Brake Service If…

  1. You can be heard braking from a mile away – Squealing is typically an early sign that your brakes are having a hard time slowing down like they need to, and those calipers are working extra hard to keep you out of the bumper of the car in front of you. This noise should not be ignored, as turning up the radio won’t fix the source of the problem. If you’re hearing a grinding noise, you’re likely looking at a need for new brake pads as well as repairing the subsequent damage to the rotors. A local auto shop can help you address both.
  2. You don’t stop as quickly as you used to – If you are having a few too many close calls, it’s possible that your pads are worn or there are issues in the brakeline that are causing the pedal to be less responsive than usual. Don’t simply adjust to the problem and vow to start your slow-down sooner…get it checked out!
  3. Your vehicle gets the shakes when you slow – Vibrations in the steering wheel, pedal, or whole vehicle as you slow are not normal and should be evaluated by a professional mechanic. It may be worn rotors in need of some smoothing, or it could point to other components in need of repairs.

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