3 Indicators that You Need an Alignment Check

Your car’s suspension is responsible for its alignment, making sure it drives in the right direction. There are a few indicators that you may need an alignment check, but the best defense against alignment problems is regular maintenance. Call us at 480-641-8784 for an alignment check in Mesa, AZ! Below are a few hints at alignment problems.

Pulling to the Side

If you notice that your car pulls to the left or the right when you’re trying to drive straight, chances are you are dealing with an alignment issue. This could be a problem with the drivetrain or differential. It means that your car’s wheels are not properly aligned, so it is best to address this with an alignment check.

Tire Wear and SqueakingMesa, AZ alignment check

Rapid wear on your tires or wear only in a certain spot can indicate that your tire is rubbing against the side of the car while you drive. Tire squeaking is also a symptom of this type of wear. This  is an alignment issue with a normally simple fix. You may need to replace or rotate your tires in addition to getting an alignment repair.

Crooked Steering Wheel

A classic indicator of alignment problems is having a crooked steering wheel even as you drive your car straight. This means your wheels aren’t sitting straight parallel to the car; rather, they are sitting at an angle.

We are your local auto repair pros! Let us repair suspension and alignment issues before they require costly repairs and replacements. If you need an alignment check in Mesa, AZ, call us at 480-641-8784 today!