3 Fun Auto Facts

It’s time to get our trivia on! These three fun facts will give you something to tell your friends when the topic of cars comes up. Have fun blowing their minds with your knowledge.

Germany is Working On a Thought-Driven Car

Germany has always made headway in the car world, but now their scientists have come up with a working version of a car that you can drive with the power of your mind. This project has been successful under controlled conditions, but will need several more years before it can be tested on the open road.

a photo of a yellow lamborghiniThe Most Expensive Traffic Fine Ever

In Sweden, the amount of a traffic fine depends on two things: the severity of the violation, and the driver’s ability to pay. Rich drivers pay more, and poor drivers pay less. When a wealthy Swedish man was pulled over for driving 180 mph, he was slapped with an unbelievable $1,000,000 fine — the highest ever given!

 The Production Speed of Different Brands

Hondas are the highest selling car in the world, and their manufacturing shows it: Honda factories turn out at least 13,000 cars every day. By contrast, the rare and expensive Lamborghini is produced at a rate of 14 cars per day, at the maximum.

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